Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lasting Memories #225

For this weeks DT assignment over at Lasting Memories the required theme was "Lifes lessons". I had to think long and hard about photos that would capture one of these times, but one morning I woke up and remembered these pictures, which I have attempted to scrap any times but they just never quite came together right!

The photos are my daughters at about 2 and 3, after them being too quiet for awhile I entered the bedroom where they were playing, only to find them with a pair of scissors and a nice pile of each others hair.... I nearly died - I had only recently up my eldest with a child modelling agency, relying on her lovely long blonde tresses, and here were both of them hacked up so badly it couldnt even be fixed.... Michelle had half a bob on one side of her hair and poor little Aelira went from long and white to pieces hacked up to her scalp, and everywhere in between, with most of her hair being about ear length.... Im sure you can see the guilty looks on their faces! I was furious. The picture on the left shows how they looked after I attempted to fix their hair.

The lesson learned in all this? As the title states: Leave it to the pros..... Michelle never picked up those scissors again, however unfortunately Aelira ended up with several more hack jobs and alot of trouble before she finally gave up her self hairdressing career!

If you have a lifes lesson to share,  come and join us over at Lasting Memories this month!


  1. Oh no, I can remember cutting a chunk out of my fringe as a youngster and getting such a fright at it! Love the design and wonderful stencil work on your background! A good lesson indeed!

  2. Beautiful double page! love the background (stencil) and the photo's of your girls. They look really guilty! Ha, ha...........