Thursday, 2 May 2013

CSI #69 - Same mold different fruit

This is my entry for CSI #69. When I saw the topic of this layout I had afew ideas, unfortunately I didnt have photos for all of them..... Eventually I chose the 'unlikely friendship' theme and picked this photo to go with it (the colours were perfect). This photo was part of the menu for my sisters wedding. She travelled to Thailand to take up her dream job as a dive instructor on a tropical island but went elsewhere after a run in with a nasty local. After taking a new job in a local gym to get by she met her soon to be husband, who spoke not a word of English and the rest is history. She married her Thai husband over in his home town with all the glitz and glamour of a Thai wedding. These fruit people are supposed to represent the happy couple, I used the title 'same mold different fruit' to capture the unlikely couple. The journalling reads:

Noone suspected shed go for a job but return with a partner and second language, but they truly have the world at their feet. A scene from their wedding tells all.

I used all 5 colours
Evidence is flowers, houses, circles, ledger paper (the circle)
Testimony: I documented an unlikely frienship (relationship)

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